Ken Newman

In the beginning, I had difficultly understanding why I was compeled to sculpt. I am self taught and love to experiement.  Sculpting is now an addiction and as I evolve as an artist, I find it more and more important to try to explain why I sculpt.  As each sculpture is completed, Debbie encourages me to write about the piece from my perpective as an artist.  On this portion of the website, I have posted a number of PDF files about many of my sculptures. Writing is not an easy process, it's quite messy, but Debbie insists and after a while I complete an initial draft.  I am inspired by the past as well as the present.  

There is a reason why I sculpt each one, but I am typicaly unaware of it while sculpting ~ things evolve and are released ~ especially in wood. 

We will continue to update the Narratives, so watch for your favorite.


Wood Sculptures

The Great and Powerful (available - Eastern, Western Walnut, wood dyes and silver leaf)

Enfolded Cottontail

1.75 Square Feet of Forest Floor (available- Aspen)

Lineal Passage ~ Territorial Encounter

The Ploy ~ Killdeer

Birds and the V's (available - Aspen)


Figurative Bronze Sculptures

The Last Whistle

Well Worn

Uncalculated Exposure

American Pi Series - Sunday's Dress - A New Perm - A Moment's Rest

The Stretch

Native American Series - Taking of a Soul - Pure Freedom - The Land of Many Gifts


Wildlife Bronze Sculptures

Confluence of Blue

Focus and Unity

Taking Attendance - Lab

The Rat Race Kangaroo Rats

Tale of Respect - Pheasant

Observing Grace - Long Billed Curlew

Composed - Long Billed Curlew

Bluebird Series

Sunseekers - Bobwhite Quail

One After Another - Trout and Mayfly

Forever Ready - Lab