Ken Newman Sculptures 2019

Ken Newman

In the beginning, I had difficultly understanding why I was compeled to sculpt. I am self taught and love to experiement.  Sculpting is now an addiction and as I evolve as an artist, I find it more and more important to try to explain why I sculpt.  As each sculpture is completed, Debbie encourages me to write about the piece from my perpective as an artist.  On this portion of the website, I have posted a number of PDF files about many of my sculptures. Writing is not an easy process, it's quite messy, but Debbie insists and after a while I complete an initial draft.  I am inspired by the past as well as the present.  There is a reason why I sculpt each one, but I am typicaly unaware of it while sculpting ~ things evolve and are released ~ especially in wood. 

We will continue to update the Narratives, so watch for your favorite.


Wood Sculptures

The Great and Powerful

Enfolded Cottontail

1.75 Square Feet of Forest Floor

Lineal Passage ~ Territorial Encounter

The Ploy ~ Killdeer


Figurative Bronze Sculptures

The Last Whistle

Well Worn

Uncalculated Exposure

American Pi Series - Sunday's Dress - A New Perm - A Moment's Rest

The Stretch


Wildlife Bronze Sculptures

Confluence of Blue

Focus and Unity

Taking Attendance - Lab

The Rat Race

Tale of Respect - Pheasant

Observing Grace - Long Billed Curlew

Composed - Long Billed Curlew

Bluebird Series

Sunseekers - Bobwhite Quail

One After Another - Trout and Mayfly

Forever Ready - Lab