Ken Newman Sculptures 2019

Enfolded Cottontail Original Wood Sculpture 2017, Calm After the Storm - Lightening #17/22 2017, Hang Time - Mixed Media S'more wood with copper on stone. 2014, Well Worn- Sold Out Edition 22 Monumental Available, Partial wood carving on bronze Confluence of Blue sculpture 2014, Lineal Passage - Territorial Encounter Pacific Yew on Slate Nuthatch and Wren 2015, Decending Arc Trout - Brazilian Mahogany on Steel Mixed Media 20013, Calm After Storm - Layers #16/22 2017, Collaboration with Liana Sofia Tumino 2014 Oil/Walnut - Bronze/Frescoes - Steel/Marble, Four Terns - Madrone on Steel, Catfish - Cottonwood on Limestone 2014 , The Ploy - Killdeer Black Oak Burl, Celebrating Life's Journey - Connections Scorpions-Mixed Media Wood, Desert Dissonance Brazilian Mahogany, Memorial Relief, Sunseekers 7 Bronze on Marble and Copper Leaves , Pillow Talk - Bluebirds Bronze casting on Heart Rock and Walnut Pillow, Sparrow - Edition of 11, Calm After the Storm - Containment , Window to Love Bluebirds 5/11 Unique 2017, Rippled Speed - Albacore Curly Redwood on Steel, Calm After the Storm , Sunseeker II, Dance of the Wild Iris - Walnut and Bronze on Marble, Sunseeker I Bobwhite nestled in marble snow, Sunseeker II, Sunseeker I, Nesting Eagles - Truckee CA, Ghosts in the Kelp Beds- Redwood Burl on Steel, Sold Out Edition 11, Four Corners of the Eddy - Redwood on Limestone, Sportsman's Resolve 1998 Glue Lam Beam, The Stretch - Beige Patina on Granite , Chaos and Symmetry , Sunseeker III #14/22, Calm After Storm Bronze on Redwood limb and Redwood, Opulence #1, Simple Love Bluebirds and Heart Stone on Fir Step 2016, Contemplation - Lab/Hound Commission 1/1 .