Ken Newman Sculptures 2019

I am inspired by bird and wildlife, creating them while capturing my unique narrative with movement and purpose is my ultimate goal. Placing them in homes, corporate businesses and in the public is both sharing my stories with other and continuing to pursue my passion of sculpting. Each of the sculpture are either editions of 11 or 22. 


Confluence of Blue
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6 GreatBlueHerons
49x24x32 Walnut Base

Mischief and Plunder - Magpies Outdoor $16,500 sculpture 66x33x25 #4/11 unique base

Confluence - Coming Together for the Greater Good
Order only edition 11

Closeup Exterior Patina of Confluence Sculpture

Calm After the Storm - Geometric #21/22 Bronze casting on Steel and Walnut (Unique) $2750

Mischief and Plunder
Bronze Tabletop - 31x21x17 Magpies #6/11 Being Cast $14,000

The Rat Race #10/22 Kangaroo Rats used as a metaphor for man. $3750

Tale of Respect #17/22 Unique Green Patina

A Slice of Love
- Bluebirds #6/11
Bronze, Stone, Knife and Butcher Block Unique

The Rat Race -$3750 Edition #7 /22
22x10x8 Bronze on Walnut

Tale of Respect
#18/22 Edition 22 $8500
32x21x22 on Walnut Base

Windswept - Calm After the Storm #19/22 $2750 Bronze casting married to unique weather effect.

One After Another - Trout

Observing Grace - Curlew #7 and #8/ 22
28x22x22 $6500

Composed - Curlew
Edition #9/22

Composed - Top View
Unity - Herons
$1650 Ed 22
11x8x7 Bronze - Bases Vary
Two Great Blue Herons

Focus #17 and, 21 bronze edition $1200
Blue Patina
Great Blue Heron 11x6x5

Sunseekers bronze, marble, copper leaves on walnut $4500 15x26x20 Award winning sculpture

Unity on Unique Base

Slippery Slope - Bluebirds Bronze with Heart Rock $3000 Ed 3/11 Each Unique

Sunseekers - Masked Bobwhite
$4500 #5/22 Featured in Washington DC at Endangered Species Exhibition 30x21x21

Sunseeker I
Bronze Bobwhite on Marble and Steel with Copper Leaves $950

Sunseeker II #14/22
$1100 #Bobwhite

Sunseeker I
Bronze on Marble
#16/22 Unique #Bobwhite $950

Sunseeker III
Bobwhite Bronze, Marble and Oak
#16/22 Unique $1250