Ken Newman Sculptures 2019

The Great and Powerful
Eastern and Western Walnut Call for pricing

Precipitious Drop - Coyote and Chukars Call for pricing

Precipitous Drop

Dam Pirouette-Longpole Pine on Obsidian with Copper Call for Pricing.

1.75 sqft of Forest Floor - Aspen
Call for pricing

Defying the Wind - Oak on Mixed Media Call for pricing

Birds and V's - Swallows working the river
Call for pricing.

Turbulence on Horse Creek - Call for pricing

Checking the Cache - Fir on Copper and Oak
Call for pricing

Spawning Salmon
$4850 Madrone

Wasp Nest - Aspen

PMS - Canned Sculptures - Chips from your favorite sculpture $100

PMS-Canned Sculptures - Wood chips from you favorite sculpture $100 (Imprismed Waxwing)